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Top Selling Products Of Haritha.

Haritha Rakthasudhi

Raktha Suddhi access to purification of blood and also this is an Anemic medicine effective medicine for kids and elders to increase vitality and indigestion.


Haritha nellikkarishtam (Amla arishta)

Haritha pharmaceuticals Nellikkarishtam (amla arishta) is the ayurvedic remedy for anemia and loss of appetite.



Haritha Neelibringadhi Keram is a unique product that keeps your hair thicker than ever. This keeps your hair healthy and stronger that adds beauty and health of your hair.


Haritha pharmaceuticals ayurvedic medicine to cure and longevity

Haritha Pharmaceuticals formulates genuine quality Aurvedic medicine referring ancient manuscripts and following traditional methods. Ayurvedic medicine including classical medicines and patented medicine are also prepared at Haritha. Away from the conventional methods Haritha Pharmaceuticals make use of all scientific methods and equipments for manufacturing quality Ayurvedic medicine ensuring trust and consistency of patients and customers.

Years of research and development over ayurveda medicine made Haritha Pharmaceuticals the top ayurveda manufacturer of India. Effective Ayurvedic medicine for treating psoriasis, skin care and diabetes made Haritha popular in India and abroad.

Haritha Pharmaceuticals is an ISO, and GMP certified company for quality and Ayurvedic medicine manufactures here is safe without any side effects. Production unit of Haritha is situated at Varandarappilly, 25 Kilometeres away from Thrissur city. Quality assured Ayurvedic medicine distributed to medical agencies after superior export quality packing at Haritha Pharmaceuticals.

Quality Ayurvedic medicine and products for wellness and treatment are prepared here with the direction of experienced technical staff. Assurance of quality distinguishes Haritha Ayurvedic medicine also establishes health and wellness for everyone.

Ayurveda is the inspirational spirit of Haritha pharmaceuticals, more than the research and development, Haritha hubs on dedicating service for trust of the community held on.

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