Haritha helps me lot

If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them.

Thankyou Haritha group!!

I had scalp psoriasis, the lotions which I usually applied are not effective but the side effects compelled me to stop treatment. When I consulted Dr. Bhattathiri he promised it will be curable and now I can feel the difference.

Dr.Bhattathiri Gives Me A Second Life

I was doubtful about Ayurveda psoriasis treatment. But it was really comfortable, especially traditional practises. It changed me and my routine.

Personalised care and treatment. Great service!!

It takes 10 years for me to understand the worth of Ayurveda and within 2 years I got completely cured. Thank you Haritha and Mr. Kochumon.

It felt pretty relaxing holidays at Haritha!!

Apart from treatment i feel iam on a relaxing holiday mood at Haritha skincare hospital.

Haritha Reclaim My Life

I too believe in nature. For psoriasis treatment through Ayurveda does not treat the symptoms it heals the causes and cures completely

The results were unbelievable!!!

As I suspected how all these herbs can heal, but each day of my treatment it convinced me to hope for the best. Ayurveda helped me to cure psoriasis. Thanks a lot.

Thank you Haritha, Thank you Ayurveda

My skin problems are easily cured with Haritha skin care treatment.

Thank you Dr.Bhattathiri

All my body turned black on effect of medicinal allergy. Haritha helped me to retain my good complexion with skin care treatment.

Haritha Gives My Fairness Back

I was in search for a good pimple treatment. My faced turned red and looked fearful even to my kinds. But Haritha Skin care clinic suggested me Ayurveda methods and still I used it for complete cure.

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